Ubuntu Leadership Institute

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The Ubuntu Leadership Institute is designed to assist future leaders in becoming the best version of themselves.  As one participant noted, “We have professional development far too often. This is what is needed: Personal Development.

Often, we find that those who are truly ready for leadership have many of the hard skills necessary to perform the job.  Whether it be a future Dean of Academics who comes in with a thorough knowledge of their particular subject areas, or if it is a future Dean of Students who has wonderful relationships with families and has already shown mastery of strong classroom culture, future leaders are most often chosen because of their already developed skillset.  Therefore, Ubuntu Leadership Institute has some focus on hard skills, but spends a significant time with character development.  Through intense self-reflection, coupled with peer accountability, participants begin to feel what it truly means to be a leader.  The Ubuntu Leadership Institute believes that true leadership is grounded in character development and constant reflection. 

Because of this, participants begin the program with answering the timeless question: “Who am I?”  This question grounds us in our work and is continuously asked as we delve deeper into how we lead.  

The goal of Ubuntu Leadership Institute is to create the atmosphere where future leaders are always asking themselves: “What impact am I having on the whole?”  Our hope is that our future leaders have/develop a compassionate heart and a critical mind as the foundation for school leadership.
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